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Monday, February 4, 2013


It's been two weeks we've last spoke.
News is heart wrenching.
I'm lost after losing you.
I still love you still.
Nothing has changed since you've left me.

Monday, November 26, 2012

History and Present

History once bitten twice shy.
A lesson to be learnt.
Present makes anyone grows up wiser.
Wisdom speaks as age grows by to be the present "you."


Your presence is like a breeze.
It come and goes fast.
A minute you are with me.
An hour you've gone into thin wind without a trace.
A year past by without your presence, becomes a memory of your past existence.
As years goes by, you are just a passer by to create the presence of your existence.

1st January

Every new year is a new beginning.
New beginning to face series of upcoming unexpected events.
New lessons to be unfold in time to come.
New challenges ahead of me.
Let the new challenge give me the wisdom to be a happy me.


Words spoken left a lingering painful memories behind till today.
Efforts was taken for granted.
But tarnished by the spoken words.
Cherished the good memories.
Live thy pain behind.

Monday, August 13, 2012


I DID what was not mean to be in the first place. I DID tried to salvaged situations. I DID put the best front of everyone. I DID try to pull through the warmest smile to fill everyone's heart. I DID try to fill up the imperfect me to be the perfect me. But Did i do my part?

Once said..

Once said from an wisdom sentence. Takes your mind and heart to another level. Once said before and done. Brings you to another level of life lesson of another part of life.